Is Tryp Rides Starting? Tryp Rides Exposed!

Is Tryp Rides Starting? Tryp Rides is Exposed in this latest video. Is tryp technologies really launching after the Aug 18th, 2019 debacle. They had people fly into town, drivers, influencers pay for hotel rooms, attend parties, attend convention knowing the app wasn't working.

I don't understand how this was ok by all the influencers and drivers. Especially since some drivers and influencers have actually paid to join Tryp. Under the disguise that they were going to open in Miami or a few of the other 6 cities originally mentioned. This looks to be some sort of joke after another month, nearly 2 months goes by.

They have the Chief Technology Officer running around doing interviews instead of developing rider and driver apps. Just amazing with many cheerleaders still believing the hype. As I mentioned from the beginning, my advice is to only signup for free as a rider, passenger. As riders who share the app with other riders you could receive .40 cents everytime the person you share the app with takes a Tryp Ride.

I will provide my link and say if a person wants to signup as an influencer or driver, I would wait until there are actual paying riders in Miami. Please use my link to signup for free at, use referral code: tryperic1743

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