Tryp Rideshare, Ixqtv Launch Failure❓ Do Millionaires Fail Too?

Tryp Rides and IXQTV Failures. Tryp Rides is a new company that was suppose to launch Aug 18th, 2019. They had a much anticipated launch. Only after the launch did we find out that no real paying customers can use the app. Therefore the company said they were beta testing. So the whole Tryp convention was a sham in my opinion. Why have thousands of people come to an event thinking paying customers would be using the service. Only to find out, passengers would use the service for free and tryp will pay drivers for allowing the free service.

Furthermore, much to do about nothing with a Miami Dolphins deal. They place tryp rides on the in stadium electronic board. However, you need a referral code to signup with tryp rides, so I do not understand the marketing teams idea. Even if passengers didn't need a referral code, tryp rides isn't operational. Nobody can order a ride. Makes no sense.

With all of this said, they are soldiering on in hopes I guess enough drivers and passengers signup in certain markets. Again, makes no sense, barrier to entry. Never mind that drivers must pay a $199/mo fee and $199 startup. They came up with brilliant plan of allowing drivers to signup for free and then pay after making 150% of fare. ROFLMAO, umm, you don't have paying riders, so how will this be possible? Shame.

I advise everyone to signup for free as a passenger. I also advise others to give out their code to everyone as well. As a passenger, if a person you referred uses tryp rides, you receive .40 cents for life. Please use my link below to signup for free:, please use referral code: tryperic1743

IXQTV Failure is because they claimed that the service provider no longer offered the service. Well, it was probably more due to the fact the service was pirated content. Unfortunately they never admitted either way other than the lame excuse about service provided stopped allowing service.

There are other providers of cheap internet tv. However, most are being shut down.

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