How To Start an LLC? It’s Easy

How to start an LLC? It's a rather easy and simple procedure once you know the steps. Please check out the video below to help you with creating and LLC. Starting a business couldn't be simpler.

You can start with Secretary of State website to search for a name. Often times a person in your state may have an LLC using the name you would like to use. You can not duplicate names already being used. Even if you see the name, double check to make sure it's active.

Some states are better to have an LLC suchy as Wyoming and Nevada. However, if you open an LLC in Nevada for example but do business in Florida. You must file for a foreign LLC in Florida and you now have two yearly fees and reporting to do.

One very important aspect of having an LLC is to keep it separate from Personal use to protect yourself. Limited Liability Corporation can't be used for personal endeavors otherwise if sued, any lawyer would be able to pierce the corporate vale.

To find out more, please watch the video below:

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