How To Start a T-Shirt Business with No Money!

How To Start a t-shirt business with no money! Stop Struggling Now Gear is now available. There are many ways to get started in the T-shirt biz with $0 money. In the video below I tell you how you can start a t-shirt business for without any money.

One way is to have a pretty awesome company that makes your shirts. By having samples printed up, you can use those to start marketing the t-shirts. Luckily I have Grand Illusion available. Grand Illusion is who I use in Ft Myers, FL. Ask for Shari to possibly do business there.

T-Shirts come in different sizes, colors and fabric choices. You should get familiar with the blends and different t-shirt manufacturers. Learn and educate yourself if you haven't been in the business before.

If you need to start an LLC, this video can help:

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