Primary Tradelines Adding 2 Credit Bureaus

Primary Tradelines of $2500 & $1500 is Adding Credit Bureau. Boost Score. An additional credit bureau will help you boost or improve your credit scores faster.

Updated Jan 30th, 2020: Ox Publishing and Hutton Chase were not able to report to 2 credit bureaus, only 1. If you are already an existing customer with either of these companies and wish to receive reporting to both Equifax and Experian, you need to call the company. They now have to do a hard inquiry, plus charge a small fee. Find out more in the video here: or at the bottom of the page.

You can signup for your primary tradelines below.

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🔥Hutton Chase: $1500 Credit Line. Hard Inquiry, reports to Equifax

🔥Ox Publishing: $2500 credit line. Hard Inquiry, reports to Equifax

🔥Credit Strong allows you to choose a $1,000, $2,000 or $5,000, $9,000, $18,000 Installment Tradelines. No Credit Check. To signup with credit strong:

🔥To signup for Jewelry tradeline. $5000 Credit Line. Now does credit check, reports to all 3 major credit bureaus. Must order $100 or more and you qualify for a payment plan of at least $30 per month.

🔥New Coast Direct $5,000 Credit Line. NOW DOES CREDIT CHECK/HARD INQUIRY ON Transunion, reports to 2 bureau's Transunion and Equifax. Please use this link to signup:

🔥Discover It Secured Card. Receive $50 Statement Credit if I refer you. You can use this Refer a Friend Link to signup: or send me your first and last name and email to Reports to all 3 bureaus.

🔥Authorized User Tradelines for Sale: Special Offers, see Video. #primarytradelines #tradelinesaddedcreditbureau #2500primarytradeline

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