Part 2 of Starting a Flea Market Business

Watch Video with Special Guest Mr. Compensation

Here is the video for part 2 of the How to Start a Business at a Flea Market, with step by step details and actual cost involved.

We are out at the Fleamasters flea market in Ft Myers, FL. We are marketing the MCS Telecom, No Cell Phone Bill for 9 years sim card. Unlike most flea market businesses that have products to sell, we are simply offering the service.

Some materials are branding, so we have banners, pictures so potential customers know what we are offering in our space. Literature, brochures, flyers are needed to hand out in case a potential customer needs further details or need to contact us. We will also be in the Nov/Dec Market book so potential customers will know where we are located, plus a mention every few hours on their speaker system about what we offer. It did cost more only $89, but the more coverage, presence you have in your location over time will present more sales.

If you would like to order your sim card so you can stop paying a monthly cell phone bill, please use this link:

One Time $300 payment for the sim card, which gives you 9 years of service You will need a gsm unlocked phone. Iphone 6 and above and Samsung 6 and above, plus other unlocked phones. A list is available, please contact me at to get the list of phones that are recommended.
No Long Distance, No Roaming, can call USA to 93 countries, Free Hotspot and unlimited data* *See website for details.

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