Online Advertising Internet Marketing. Popeyes vs Chick Fil A

Online Advertising, Internet Marketing can be very advantageous for a company. Popeyes vs Chick Fil A was an internet marketing sensation. Any company would love to have their customers posting videos, running social media challenges on their behalf without spending any time or money themselves.

Most importantly, you and I can do the exact same thing on a smaller scale. We just may not get the viral reaction. However, you never know what will go viral. Not even the best marketing minds can predict which video, post, image, words will go viral. This is why you should do all forms of internet marketing and even paid advertising occassionally.

You can start by signing up with facebook and instagram. Then signup with or get canva app. You can post images with sayings just to get started. Or images of your product, services, etc with links to your product, website, facebook page, twitter feeds, etc. It's up to you. Remember, some people only go to one or two platforms.

We have a few marketing ideas in the video. Please check it out below.

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