Lets Get International Assets Now. Real Estate Investing in Dominican Republic – Part 4

Lets Get International Assets Now. Anyone Can Qualify For Real Estate Investing in Dominican Republic.  Pre Construction Condos For Sale in Punta Cana.

The island nation of the Dominican Republic a couple of years ago had the highest number of tourist visiting in the caribbean. 6+ million. Punta Cana had 4.35 million of those tourist. Thus the building boom started. These numbers are from 2017. No wonder that in 2018 a building boom started but the good news/bad news is tourist got sick, died while visiting in 2018 and tourism visitors fell off. This meant the housing boom needs buyers but this hasn't stopped the pre construction boom. Is this your time to get international assets? I discuss this and much more in the video at the bottom of the page. The Dominican Republic Real Estate Market will come back in my humble opinion once the Pandemic gets sorted out. While it's still not sorted out means plenty of opportunities for a savy investor. Find out more in the video: https://youtu.be/c60lc7yv7zs

💥Portales Punta Cana Condos starting at $37,000 and Master Plan: http://portalesdepuntacana.com/master-plan/
💥The Beach At Punta Cana Condos: https://dtbeach.com/
💥Arena At the Beach Punta Cana Condos: https://www.punta-cana.us/Bavaro/La_Altagracia/Condos/Punta_Cana/Bavaro/Agent/Listing_401186890.html
💥The Beach at Punta Cana - 7th Heaven Listing: https://www.7thheavenproperties.com/real-estate/dominican-republic/bavaro-punta-cana-condos-for-sale-3-bedroom/
💥Blumarina Suites Condos For Sale - Punta Cana by 7th Heaven: https://www.7thheavenproperties.com/real-estate/dominican-republic/bavaro-punta-cana-condos-for-sale-bedroom-1/
💥Owner Direct Rentals shown in the video: https://www.ownerdirect.com/condo-apartment-rentals/punta-cana/pueblo-bavaro/sort~3

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