Inverted Yield Curve! Time to look at Precious Metals to buy

Inverted Yield Curve on the United States Bond Yields are signaling a recession. When this inversion happens a recession occurs about 1yr away.

When a 2yr interest rate on a bond is for example 1.65% and a 10yr interest rate on a bond is 1.60%. Obviously why would people invest long term into the USA? This is called Inverted Yield Curve. This is a sign of trouble.

Normally people start buying a little bit of precious metals. Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium to hedge against inflation and stock markets. I buy from and for my precious metals. The reason is mostly because of the free shipping when I purchase a certain amount of metals.

Please watch the latest video to get more information on what an inverted yield curve can me for you.

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