How To Boost My Credit Score Fast

How I can boost my credit score fast? There are many ways to do it, but quick, effective and easy is possible.

Many times a person has a low score due to collections or other derogatory information. What isn't known as much is 65% of your credit score is based on debt utilization and payment history.

Debt utilization is based on your available credit limits and how much you owe, plus collections/debt. If you are over 29%, then your credit score is being penalized. So get all debt under 29% and ideally under 9%. Car loan and mortgaGe loan does not count toward debt utilization.

Payment history is very important, this is why having 10, 11 accounts reporting payment history can help you out greatly. You need to stay within 98% - 100% ontime payment history. If you have two reporting credit accounts and you miss a payment, how long will it take to get up to 98%. Unlike if you have 10 credit reporting accounts and you miss a payment, it will take only 2 months to get back to 98% payment history.
To get more information and for help with quick ways to improve your credit fast, checkout the video.

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