How To Start Airbnb Without Money

How To Start Airbnb With No Money! How You Can Make Up To Millions. Signup for Airbnb and receive $10 after your complete your first host:

The secrets to getting started without money on airbnb are here.

You can contact homeowners, condo owners, rv, mobile home owners and enter into an agreement to rent their location. This is one way you do not have to put any money up. However, you do not own the property and property owner or city/county could make it more difficult to use airbnb, flipkey, vrbo, homeaway, etc.

A better way is by having properties already in commercially zoned areas and already rent such as hotels and timeshares. A timeshare has weeks and points use available. Which makes it ideal to use on vacation rental websites. Picking up timeshares for little or no money is simple. Nobody wants to own these personally. You can make more as a business since you can target dates during the year with high occupancy. High occupancy means you can charge more. Example: CES Show in Las Vegas 1st Tues - Friday in January. A 2br can rent for $300-$400/night. Yearly maintenance fees are about $900/yr. Get two 3 nights and rent 6 nights x $300. $1800. Double your money. Now imagine having 3 or 4 units rented just these few days.

Where can you get free timeshares?,, craigslist, ebay are all locations to pickup timeshares. Watch the video for areas to choose. To maximize your profit. Find out more in the video:

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