Dividend Stock Investing Made Simple

Dividend  stock investing has many advantages. Here are a few to think about investing in and the reasons why. Checkout my latest video: https://youtu.be/pVwZ01zLDXU

The first being once you invest, you can reinvest your dividends and let the price of your investment increase without doing anything else. Some companies like Proctor and Gamble, GE, United Technologies, Phillip Morris have paid dividends for decades. Plus when you withdraw, capital gains tax is less than your personal income tax from a job.

A second advantage to dividend stock investing is that you can start will a relatively small amount of money. Some shares such as GE are less than $10 per share. This gives you an opportunity to build your portfolio easier. Stocks such as Apple are presently around $200 per share, and Amazon over $1500 per share.

Third reason you want to do dividend stock investing is what you will call a yield, if for an example a stock cost $10 per share. The dividends paid out are $1.50 per year, this means you have an annual yield of 15% on your money/investment. You can’t get that at a bank right now.

This is why dividend stock investing can be very powerful to help your family grow generational wealth. You can find out if a stock issues dividends at www.dividend.com. Keep in mind that not all stocks issue dividends and not all have issued dividends for 10-50yrs, so pay attention to how long a company has issued dividends.

Watch the video for some solid companies that have issued dividends for decades. There are companies that issue dividends but maybe from 0-3yrs just to get their stock price up, so you can’t just choose any dividend stock. This is why in the video I mentioned some companies that have been around and are international. If you do watch the video, please like, subscribe and share with others.

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