Credit Boosting Changes are Coming – Fico 10 and You

Credit Boosting Changes are Coming. Your Fico 10 Score Could Drop. Credit Scores will be affected. Now is the time to plan for this change and pay attention to your credit scores.

Yes, Fico 10 is a new credit score coming out the latter part of 2020. Most likely implemented in 2021 by quite a few lenders. The significant factor that could hurt a lot of people is they will go back 24 months. So if you had a problem in 2019 of a missed payment, or high debt utilization for a few months your score could decrease. In the video at the bottom of this page I explain what Fico 10 could mean for you. Please watch the video below or go here:

💥Financial Information I mention in the video such as Record Credit Card Debt in USA -

Experian Fico 10 info:

CNBC Fico 10 Article:

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