Corvette C8! What Do You Think?

Corvette C8! What Do You Think? To Much Money or How To Afford It? Wallace Chevrolet, Sebring Orange 3LT, Z51 Pkg, $84k? Info Day at the Dealership.

Motivational about what most people will say about the C8 Corvette. For those that think they can't afford it, it's priced to high, that is the point.

We are in a consumer society, if everyone had the same items and could afford the same things, then quality, branding, price wouldn't matter.

If you are on the side of 'you can't afford it', then in my opinion you still have hope. Just simply turn your thought process around and figure out "how you can afford it". Once you understand you must do A for an outcome of B, then you realize you can afford it. You just have to motivate yourself and do what is necessary. Those that can afford it have already put in the work, that doesn't mean you can't start now, today and meet your goals and dreams.

Keep in mind, all dreams start out a dream. Those who chase down their dreams are the ones how are mostly successful. Whether I'm talking about cars, homes, business, etc. Chase your dream with hard work and keep working hard.

How Can I Afford it? In this video I show the Sebring C8, 3LT package. It cost around $84k as equipped. Corvette Factory Rep was there to answer questions which is on camera as well.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Enjoy the video:

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