Business Opportunity Week 5. Real Estate Management International

Business Opportunity Week 5. Real Estate Management International Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Passive Income Opportunity.

Overseas real estate management will be booming in areas such as Punta Cana, Dominican Republic with over $50,000 rental units coming onto the market in the next 3 years. A perfect time to setup a rental management business. You can also help with excursions and other attractions on the island. Plenty of income streams. Please watch the video at the bottom of the page:

❤️️Real Estate Management Company Business Opportunity. Passive income from your investment. Excursions, Show Tickets, Entertainment show tickets, beach club, specialty events are included. To be located in high traffic area in downtown Punta Cana. Group Economics. To get more information and get involved you can go here: and look for Ring Of Fire.

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➡️Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Conference and Party, Apr 12th - 16th, 2023. Special Early Bird Ticket Price $109.99 (Value: $175) until September 30th, 2022. General Admission Tickets, Non Commissionable.

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