Build Your Credit Fast & Slow

Build Your Credit Fast & Slow. Boost Your Score and improve your credit the right way. I forgot to mention another method to increase your credit score fast. Call your existing credit card company and ask to receive a credit line increase. For an AU Tradeline, email me at

You can build your credit fast or slow by getting primary tradelines that post quickly or by utilizing AU tradeines. I discuss both ways in the video below. Pay close attention to how Fico and Your Credit is being calculated.

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❤️️Build Your Score Fast use these Primary Tradelines

🔥$5,000 Credit Line. To signup for Jewelry tradeline.
Now does credit check, reports to all 3 major credit bureaus. Must order $100 or more and you qualify for a payment plan of at least $30 per month

🔥NCD $5,000 Credit Line. NOW DOES CREDIT CHECK/HARD INQUIRY ON Transunion, reports to 2 bureau's Transunion and Equifax. Please use this link to signup:

🔥Discover It Secured Card. Receive $50 Statement Credit if I refer you. You can use this Refer a Friend Link to signup: or send me your first and last name and email to Reports to all 3 bureaus.

🔥Hutton Chase:
$1500 Credit Line. They will do a hard inquiry, reports to Equifax

🔥Ox Publishing: $2500 credit line. Starting Jan 1st, 2020, they will do a hard inquiry, reports to Equifax

❤️️Build Your Credit Slowly, use all of the above and you can add these two options below.

🔥Credit Strong allows you to choose a $1,000, $2,000 or $5,000 Tradelines. To signup with credit strong:

🔥Self Lender is where you receive a tradeline plus add to your savings account. Self Lender Referral Link:

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