Bank Failures! Where’s Your Money? It’s Happening

Bank Failures, Can't Get Your Money Out of The Bank? It's Happening Now! Recession Proof yourself now versus later. Get some precious metals, keep cash around, brass and stack food/family supplies.

The stock market isn't an indicator of true value in America. If you think about it, stock is nothing more than paper. Just like our currency, you have to believe it has value for it to have value. Take away the stock market and then look at other economic indicators. Real world indicators such as jobs availability. Jobs that pay a living wage. Inflation, savings accounts of near 0% interest rates. Farmers, truckers who move our economy are filing bankrupctcy in record numbers. The list goes on and on. Please check out the video below for this and more information regarding bank failures that are being kept quiet.

Financial Information From Video:

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