Boost Your Credit Score Fast with An Authorized User Tradeline

An Authorized User Tradeline can help improve, boost your credit score fast. An AU tradeline is when you add another persons credit report device such as a credit card to your credit report. If you would like to purchase an Authorized Tradeline, please contact me at

An AU tradeline can help in a few ways. 85% of your credit score is based on 3 components. Debt Utilization, Payment history and age. If you reduce your debt utilization below 29% and have payment history of 98%-100%, plus 7yrs or more average age. Your credit score will increase.

Parents can help their children improve their credit score by adding them to an existing credit card to improve their childrens credit report. This can happen in less than 30 days. AU tradelines can be a valuable tool. Watch the video for more great information.

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